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For Mark, having the Zeman name on a project is the driving force in delivering a quality product on time, on budget, and most importantly a result that exceeds client expectations. His goal is to ensure that every project the company undertakes meets these high standards.

With a career spanning more than 40 years, Mark’s diverse experience equips him to quickly grasp the specific needs of a project during its initial stages. This enables him to ensure that the best blend of skill sets is assembled to meet unique project challenges. Serving as a resource for every Zeman Construction project team, Mark consistently challenges team members to deliver the level of expertise, communication, and creativity inherently required to achieve total client satisfaction. From project inception to completion, Mark’s mission is to forge a lasting relationship between Zeman Construction and each of our valued clients and colleagues.

Mark is a dedicated member of the Twin Cities community serving on several boards including the Franklin Center, Catholic United Financial Foundation, and Golden Valley Country Club.

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